Failed attempts at quitting smoking

I bet that every smoker has a few failed attempts at trying to quit smoking. I definitely do. I’m smoking for 16 years. This is crazy, this is a half of my life. 😊 I remember that I started in high school just because I wanted to be cool as the rest of my school mates. My first cigarette was gross but I smoked it anyway because I felt I was accepted in the group of the “like-mined” people.
Anyway, I tried four times to quit smoking. The first time, I read a book, which was written by a former passionate smoker. I remember that I read it through the night. He makes some good points about smoking. Of course, he exactly knows how a smoker feels. After a week being without a cigarette, I didn’t feel the desire to smoke anymore. I felt healthier. I didn’t smoke for 6 months and then we went on a New Year’s Eve trip. Can you imagine? I celebrated the New Year’s Eve with a cigarette in my mouth. That was the end of living my life without cigarettes.
It was the same story with my second, third and fourth try. There was always a moment when I wanted to reward myself. Yes, with a cigarette. But it’s getting easier to stop smoking every time I do it. And I guess that’s a plus. I think that it’s very hard for regular smokers to quit smoking and then smoke just one cigarette still be a sober non-smoker. As my friend said, maybe I didn’t have a good WHY reason to stop smoking.
For my fifth attempt, I’ll be definitely searching my WHY to stop smoking.

Good luck!

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