A failed marriage can turn into a good friendship

To this point I actually haven’t experienced any professional failures. Sure, I made mistakes and some wrong decisions at my jobs, but they all were really minor so they never led to real professional failure. Maybe it’s because of my cautiousness, maybe it’s just luck and my professional failure is still waiting for me somewhere along the way.

When I think about failure, I think about my marriage with my ex-husband. I like to think that we were very much in love and that we had a good thing going. Sure, there were fights and compromises, just like with every other normal couple, but in general we had a good relationship. Unfortunately that is not enough for a successful marriage. At some point my husband felt that it was just not working anymore. He was my lover, my best friend and the person I trusted the most, so it was very hard for me to accept that, but with time I realized that my ex-husband was right. We both were really making to many compromises.
I thought a lot about the things my ex-husband told me were bothering him. I realized that some of this things would bother anyone, so I started to work on them and I’m glad that, in the course of the years, I managed to eliminate a lot of them, on the others I am still working.

I think that we both learend a lot through this relationship and although our marriage was not successful, we did manage to maintain a pretty good friendship and I’m glad we did.

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