Headed toward failure

I’m just an 18 year old female that hasn’t been the same for 4 years now. I’ve gotten to the point where I have no friends and no one to talk to. I’m so burnt out that I just can’t bring myself to study or do anything anymore. I have failing grades and as a college student wanting to become a future surgeon, this is terrible. How can a future surgeon act like this? Where has my passion and ambition gone? I was always a hard worker and a straight A student until we had to do virtual learning. My friends stopped talking to me and didn’t seem to be too interested in me anymore. When it was safe to go back to school the second semester, my parents kept me online and that led to people making friends while I was still couped up in my house becoming depressed and all study habits and organization died from there. That was in 10th grade and even now as a college freshman I can’t bring myself to be the same person I was. I might hype myself up to study for about 15 minutes but after that it’s back to boringly scrolling through instagram and eventually ending up just staring at the ceiling getting caught up in my thoughts or falling asleep. God forbid my parents find out about my grades. All I know is that if I continue this way, I can kiss my dreams of saving lives good bye

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