What is #FailuresAnonymous?

Failure is a taboo. Period! But we rarely talk about the learning that comes with it, don’t we?
We, at #FailuresAnonymous, strongly believe that the fear of failure is one of the biggest obstacles to achieving success in life.

“What are we so afraid of?”

The lessons that we learn after we’ve failed at something are the most valuable. You fail, you learn and then…you grow. This is why our mission is to break this taboo.

How can we do that? By talking openly about it, that’s how. We don’t talk about failure often enough. Society is always applauding people’s achievements, which means that failures are seen as the worst thing that can happen to you. This is not true. Failure makes you grow.

Why Anonymous?

We recognize that to a majority of people failure is still a taboo subject. But on the other hand, we know from our own personal experience that by sharing your fail stories and making peace with failure is the only way for the healing process to start. That’s why we decided to create a place where everyone can begin their own healing process. Anonymously!

Anonymity provides a sense of security, which allows the person to speak openly and honestly. The result benefits everyone. Of course, if you’d like to identify yourself, you’re welcome to do so.

Who can submit?

Anyone who desires to do so. Please bear in mind that stories are reviewed before they will appear on #FailuresAnonymous. If your submission doesn’t meet some pretty basic standards (human decency, proper grammar, non-promotional, etc.), we may choose not to publish it.

Is my story worth sharing?

Regardless if your failures are big or small, recent or you were holding them inside for many years. If we don’t talk about our failures and we bottle them up inside us they can have a devastating effect on our inner well-being leading to things like depression and anxiety.

We’ve been there and done that! We understand. We don’t judge!

How does this make money?

It doesn’t. For now, we are managing to keep this site up and running on our own and we hope we will be able to do that in the future as well.

But if you would like to support us you can always get in touch with us via Twitter or Facebook. We are very much open for suggestions especially if it can benefit our #FailuresAnonymous community.

Who is behind this?

FailuresAnonymous.com was created by Miha Matlievski.